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We are your one-stop source for professional advisors

Best Professional Advisors is an affiliated network of all the professionals that a Celebrity/VIP could need.  We have experts in

  • Investment Banking;
  • Specialty Law (Tax, Retirement, Corporate,  etc.) ;
  • Accounting (CPAs);
  • Credit Builders/Repair Companies;
  • Lenders-Personal Loans,
  • Business Planning,
  • Personal Wealth Planning,
  • Business Loans,
  • Mortgages (personal & investment),
  • Crypto Investment and Companies;

Our Mission is to be the preeminent source of information for the music industry  re: the 21st CENTURY NEW WORLD of Crypto/Blockchain/NFTs/Metaverse.  What this means for you is the will help you as a Celebrity/Artist/VIP to leverage these new technologies and we have the resources to make sure that you are covered from Accounting to Zero Confirmation Transactions.  We have a list of clients of that we have succdessfully helped take advantage of Crypto markets.  We provide cosntant monitoring of Big Dollar Deals and opportunities in the General Music World, as well as  in the  Music  21st CENTURY NEW WORLD and present them to you. THis is your one stop shop for all the resources you need, working togehter to make the most of your investments and assets.


What we do

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